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"Flying Pigs, Andrew Leicester and Porkopolis" Cincinnatians cherish the images of the Flying Pigs from the Cincinnati Gateway sculpture by artist Andrew Leicester. The Flying Pig Marathon now brings thousands of visitors and their tourist dollars to the city. But who was the creator of the sculpture and what made it a Cincinnati favorite and the winner of the 1999 National Waterfront World Conference?

In 1988 video artist James Rosenberger shot the installation of Leicester's sculpture, interviewed him and recorded all the resulting TV coverage. Using this and new footage shot in May 2003, Rosenberger's 30 minute video, "Flying Pigs, Andrew Leicester & Porkopolis" shows there is much more to the sculpture than just pigs!

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2011 was the Bobs' 30th Anniversary!
"THE BOBS SING! (and Other Love Songs)", features the popular American singing group, The Bobs. Their unique style combines four professionally trained voices and a wacky sense of humor, with the result being a wild mix of a cappella/ comedy/ musical theatre. Celebrating The Bobs 20th anniversary, this tribute to "love" features 11 popular songs and won the 2002 INTERCOM and Chicago International Film Festival's "Interactive Multimedia Award" for Entertainment- -best of breed indeed!!

Reviews state:

"Those who enjoy seeing and hearing singers work their craft will not want to miss The Bobs Sing!- -DVD LaserDisc, July, 2001

"The Bobs Sing! features the a cappella group at its finest!"- -Goldmine, Nov., 2001.

Remember the celebration by owning a copy of: The Bobs Sing! {And Other Love Songs} a one hour PBS TV Special available on DVD.

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The DVD edition includes these bonus features:

  • 17:30 minute Behind The Scenes Featurette showing the making of the TV special.
  • one-of-a-kind video clips of the Bobs early days and the history of the group
  • interviews with Richard, Amy, Matthew and Joe
  • special bonus concert footage from selected performances and other Bobs "stuff" from the first 20 years!!!!
  • view concert's song list
  • check out the bonus tracks
Want to feel some Love from The Bobs? See a performance from the 2001 TV special by this Grammy nominated group of their hit Drive By Love!

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NEW PRODUCT- -"James D. Rosenberger: Works 1975-2005"

Who else would combine on DVD a 30:00 interview with Robert Wilson on theatre and television, a conversation with Graham Nash about music and photograpy, a tribue to fugu and the first "video theatre work" premiered @ Spaces, Cleveland, Ohio in 1978?

The answer: James Rosenberger, in celebration of 30 years creating videos, theatre and performance art.

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