Maxxmedia+events 40+ years of international theatre experience translates into imaginative and effective scripting, directing and staging of live events, meetings and conferences for corporations and organizations. Whether it's event-based PR projects, or directing live entertainers and presenters such as William Shatner, McLean Stevenson, Lester Thurow, William Webster, Riders in the Sky and The Bobs, Maxxmedia+events is the choice for any group that wants to maximize its events.

Sample Client List Includes:
  • Cincinnati Bell
  • Cincom
  • David J. Joseph Company
  • HR Access
  • Lenscrafters
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Senco

Interactive event and WCPO news highlight

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Password-Secure Invitations, Streaming Media and Surveys
Need to invite, track and survey conference attendees? How about deliver training or critical company information to internal and external audiences, using streaming media onsite? And make it all password secure, capapble of 100's of simultaneous audience viewings?

Maxxmedia+events offers all this plus real-time streaming video services performed ON LOCATION requiring nothing more than an internet connection and Maxxmedia+events video production equipment and team of web experts!

Please view or contact us and ask about:

  • an acceptable alternative to costly print invitations and cumbersome reminders See a sample event description
  • secure, password protected, customized websites providing 24/7 access;
  • generating immediate RSVP's and event survey within hours not weeks. See a sample survey

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